Chairman's Message
In 1994, I attended the International Symposium on Ocean Energy Development in Briton, England, to deliver my latest invention of the OTEC system. As I ended my speech, there was a round of applause from the audience and there, on the spot, my invention was named the "Uehara Cycle".

For over 30 years, I've been researching OTEC at Saga University in Japan. With my retirement from the university on March 2005, I established a non-profit organization, the Organization for the Promotion of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OPOTEC), as an opportunity to promote OTEC and to contribute to the development of OTEC technology in Japan and the world.

OTEC utilizes the vast amount of energy in the ocean which is warmed by the sun and as long as the oceans and the sun exist, this source of energy is inexhaustible. Needless to say, OTEC is clean and renewable.

In April, 2004, I gave a speech on OTEC at the United Nations in New York since there is a high interest among island countries and other areas in the practical implementation of OTEC with its multiple uses. Construction and planning for OTEC is already in progress in many countries.

Our aim is to promote the contribution of OTEC over the world for sustainable development.

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Haruo Uehara, Ph.D.