Integrated OTEC System (I-OTECS) : Multi-Products and New Industries with OTEC
Fig. 4 shows systematic grafts of I-OTECS. OTEC can be put to use in various ways, and has the potential to solve problems related to the environment, energy, water, food, and human population.
  1. Hydrogen Production-Hydrogen gas envisioned for the future clean energy. Hydrogen is gaining attention as an eco-friendly fuel replacement for diesel fuel and gasoline. The gas can be separated from pure water by desalination plants using electrolysis. This system makes it possible to store the ocean energy for use in remote area.
  2. Aquaculture - Deep seawater can be used in aquaculture to raise a variety of fish and shellfish, and to improve the fertility of the sea. Sea areas that have a natural upwelling of deep seawater are fertile fishing grounds because the uncontaminated and inorganic eutrophication of the deep seawater promote the voluminous propagation of phytoplankton.
  3. Through OTEC, two types of fresh water are obtainable - distilled water and mineral water that uses deep seawater that has aged for long time containing many minerals including magnesium and calcium.
  4. Lithium extraction - Deep seawater contains lithium and uranium. This vast natural resource can be collected and used in lithuim batteries. The demand for lithium batteries is rising rapidly with the wide spread use of cellular phones and other mobile devices.
  5. Air Conditioning and more - Other possible uses of deep seawater are in cosmetics, medicine, cooling systems for homes and buildings and other products.

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